The Benefits Of Investing In Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a country located in the southeastern part of Europe. To the north, it borders Romania, on the western side, it borders Macedonia and Serbia whereas to the south, it borders Turkey and Greece, and to the east, the country borders the Black Sea. Bulgaria covers an area of 110,994 square kilometers making it the 14-largest country in Europe. Its sheer beauty attracts many visitors and many of them choosing to buy properties in Bulgaria and settle permanently. Actually, over 50,000 Britons live in Bulgaria permanently and with the ever-growing population and migration, Bulgaria offers a great investment market.

Politics in Bulgaria

Bulgaria runs through a parliamentary democracy system further subdivided into three branches namely executive, legislative, and judicial. An Independent Central Election Commission that consists of representatives from all major political parties supervises the elections. That notwithstanding, Bulgaria, as many other nations, faces political and administrative challenges. However, many people see Bulgaria as a beautiful country run very badly. For instance, in the year 2013, Bulgaria residents participated in protests all over the country citing democratic system failure, low living standards, and high costs of utilities and as result, the government resigned.

Property Market in Bulgaria

Investors seeking to buy properties in Bulgaria can explore from the numerous opportunities available in the country. The rural Bulgaria for example, offers the best bargains. Investors can get solid houses made of concrete with stone foundations at a reasonable price that generates huge returns on resale. In fact, many tourists flock to the rural areas to experience the authentic traditions and ways of life of the Bulgarian people. Add that to the fact that many houses stand on 1000 to 4000 square meter gardens and the investor closes an exclusive property deal.

Bulgaria1For investors who prefer coastal regions, Bulgaria offers several properties for sale along the coastlines. The country has both residential as well as business homes on the beaches giving all types of investors multiple choices to choose from depending with their needs. In addition, real estate agencies in Bulgaria offer discounts on properties from time to time in a bid to attract investors.

Why Invest in Bulgaria

The economic situation in Bulgaria is showing a positive trend, which means potential investors need not to worry about making investment plans in the country. Over the years, the technological and scientific research and development played a major role in transforming the economy of Bulgaria. Activities such as agriculture, mining, production of machinery and chemicals among many others make the country one of the economic hubs in Europe. Moreover, in the entire Europe, Bulgaria comes sixth as the largest producer of coal. The following includes some added benefits of investing in Bulgaria.


One of the major concerns from investors includes taxes because some countries impose very high taxes on investments. Bulgaria stands out because it makes sure to bring the taxes as low as possible. Actually, Bulgaria zero-rates taxes in the areas that face high rates of unemployment meaning that if an investor invested in such areas, he or she would benefit from available work force as well as low or no taxation at all.

Location of Bulgaria

Bulgaria falls on a good strategic point in the European continent. From Bulgaria, investors easily connect with all the major markets situated in the European Union from Central to Eastern Europe. The access allows investors to obtain quality products and services at competitive prices not forgetting that that access provides unlimited market.
The Environment

Bulgaria offers individuals a splendid environment not only for investing but also for living. Bulgaria boasts of diverse and amazing natural beauty with clean and clear air and water. The country owns seven national parks, over 3000 natural sites protected by the government, among many other attractive natural features. In addition, Bulgaria offers the lowest cost of living in Europe thus making it a safe haven for investors.

The Cost of Assets

Apart from the cost of living, investors buy assets in Bulgaria at affordable prices as compared to other nations in Europe. Note that even though assets in Bulgaria come at relatively low prices, the value surpasses the assets in other countries. Additionally, because the country produces most of its assets, the elimination of importation costs automatically lowers the sale value of the assets.

Conclusive Remarks

Bulgaria offers numerous opportunities to both new investors and experienced investors. The beauty of the country gives it a rare combination because investors can engage in profitable business and quality pleasure, all in one country. Overall, buy properties in Bulgaria and enjoy the unlimited opportunities the country offers.